It’s Spring! – Power Outages and a Quick Fix for your Multiple Disk Drives

by Richard Pedersen

Power Outages and how to handle them

It’s spring and we all have power outages and so-called brown-outs. You know, where the power to your home quits for a moment and is right back on?

That isn’t a problem for light bulbs and ovens, but for our delicate computers it can be a major catastrophe.

Here’s a possible solution…

First Things First

The first thing I suggest when you are the victim of a power outage is to check all your drives for errors. If you only have one or two drives this is a simple matter.

If you have 13+ drives set up like I do, then this becomes a cumbersome matter.

CheckdiskGUI is a great utility that will take all the heartache out of the process and you can get it here:

This tool was designed to be a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the command-line utility that was bundled with Windows. And it rocks!



All you have to do is click Options, Select All, then click the Fix button and let the magic happen.

It doesn’t need any installation. It’s portable and is a great addition to your thumb drive tool box. Just run it!


If you have tons of drives set up like I do, then the waiting for the default 10 seconds between drive checks can be a pain.

Here’s an article I wrote on how to fix that little irritation: How to Change the ChkDsk Countdown Timer




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