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Update – 12 August 2014

I have changed my mind about dissolving WinCom7, at least entirely. I am in the process of moving the domain to a different host which will save me tons of cash in the foreseeable future.

I expect the transfer to be complete within the next seven days or so. The current URL is:

This will change to the normal WinCom7 address after the transfer is complete:

This adjustment should allow all the current newsletter subscribers to continue their subscriptions with perhaps only a one week hitch in the process.

I will still be devoting much of my time writing for Dave’s Computer Tips (DCT).

Thank your for your patience in this matter.




In July 2010 WinCom7 was born.

At the time my goal was to provide a site where everything I knew about Windows 7 would be published in one place.

Over the years I’ve tried many tactics to increase the visitor count and for a while it worked well. I was getting over 10,000 visitors a month– not too shabby for a small web site. It was actually paying for itself through a small number of Google Ads. That is no longer the case.

Much of the information here may be considered by many to be passé and the interest shown by the number of visitors we receive has noticeably declined in the last year or so.

Windows 7 has a vast following and think much of the information on this site may still be valuable to those customers.

That being said, I think WinCom7 has fulfilled its original goal and it is time to retire this site. I can no longer justify the out of pocket expenses nor the tremendous amount of time it demands of me.

The New WinCom7

I won’t be abandoning it altogether. My intention is to move the entire site over to a free host. It is well-known to many as

For those who would like to visit, you will find it at this link:

Please take note: The new location will take me many weeks to get working properly. Many links will be broken until I can get them all fixed. There are thousands of them and I expect it will take a lot of time. I will try to focus on the Window 7 specific material first. Please be patient.

Dave’s Computer Tips

I will be devoting most of my writing efforts to Dave’s Computer Tips. This is a wonderful site, supported by wonderful people that I have grown to admire and love, and they provide a wealth of information in easy to understand language.

Here’s the link to Dave’s Computer Tips

I hope to see you there!

WinCom7 End of Life

I have notified my hosting service to shut down WinCom7 on the last day of August this year.

It’s been a great ride. I thank all my devoted followers for their continual support over the years and hope to see you again soon.

For those of you who receive a weekly newsletter, I don’t know yet if I’ll be able to make a smooth transition at the new site. I have a lot to learn about their system and policies.

Thank You, one and all,



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